How We Started

Group of smiling peopleJim Furry, the independent owner and operator of SAS Shoes retail store, began his shoe sale business in Ohio during the late 1950’s. Department stores, such as the May Company and the Broadway, were clamoring for customers and the competitiveness was palpable. Furry later relocated to Los Angles to work at the Broadway and eventually, he opened his own orthopedic footwear company in Orange, CA, at the now defunct City Shopping Center.

Over the course of three decades, Furry owned seven stores in the shopping center. It was demolished in 1996 and replaced with the Outlets at Orange. Before the shopping center was demolished, his stores carried several brands, but he found that SAS was the most popular with customers. This, coupled with the fact that SAS made all of their shoes in the U.S., led him to focus on selling SAS shoes only.

A Large Inventory

What separates us from our competitors is our wide selection of shoes. We knew that if we were just going to carry SAS products that we needed to offer variety to our customers. With our large inventory, we’re able to show customers how a properly fitted shoe feels.

Good Business Means Great Customer Service

When customers come to our store, they can expect to be treated with respect and kindness. Our associates have been known to jump leaps and bounds for our customer, and it’s not uncommon for our associates to go to the residences of customers who are unable to come to us. While there, we fit and provide shoes.

Find comfortable, stylish men’s and women’s shoes at our store. Browse through our collection to help strengthen and increase mobility in your feet.

Contact our store to learn more about our history. We proudly serve customers throughout all of California.